Wright Family | The Exchange Place Family Session

This sweet little girl had a full arm cast when all the leaves were changing and the colors were extraordinary. When she finally got it off, we scheduled our session as quick as we could but by then, all the leaves were dead, fallen, and ugly. After suggesting a few different locations, we decided on The Exchange Place in Downtown Salt Lake City and I'm not going to lie, their rooftop photos are some of my favorite!! I just keep swooning over how beautiful all the colors worked out together. And this little girl has the CUTEST little dimples ever!!

My favorite part of the session was at the very end. We got all the photos we needed and got to spend a little time just playing and we let this sweet little girl run free. She enjoyed playing chase with her dad, fist bumps and high fives, and we topped it off with some much needed mommy snuggles.

Rachel Lindsey

Davis County, UT 84041