Sawyer + Maria | Bountiful Temple Sealing

When Sawyer and Maria first met, they figured they were just dating for fun as he was only at the university for a minute completing his master's and she was only there for a minute from the Dominican Republic. But when Maria went on a study abroad to England, Sawyer went to visit her for his spring break and they just never really could call it quits! While Maria was in England, she was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after first hearing about it when she came to Utah. Later that year, she was married to Saywer.

Now living in California, they planned a trip back to Utah to visit family and friends. Last minute, Maria realized that it had been a year since her baptism and she could finally go through the temple and be sealed to Sawyer.

The Bountiful temple was in full bloom with beautiful tulips and blossomed trees with a warm spring time sun. It was so fun to finally meet this couple that I had been making plans with and to get to know them. While our session was short, just a few group photos and a few couple's photos, they sure made me laugh a lot!

I am so excited for these two and the life that they are building together!! And if you need to know about Maria's amazing dress, it came from Bohme!

Rachel Lindsey

Davis County, UT 84041