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The most amazing part of being a photographer is creating, connecting, and serving. I get to enter into people's intimate spaces and really get to know them and see them as they are. I get to be a part of their lives for just a moment in time as I document major life events: the birth of a child, two people starting a new life together, and the joy of having a family. And witness first hand the love that exists between people. I love documenting precious moments that people want to remember forever and giving them the gift of a tangible memory. I grow to love each and everyone of my clients as I develop a relationship with them. I always walk away a better person with a deeper understanding of love and life every time I go out and work with someone.


I have always been incredibly moment and emotion driven. I'm moved by romantic moments, connection between people, tender loving touches, tears of happiness, and laughter. I shoot because I want to freeze those moments in time. I want people to look back on their photographs and be able to remember what they felt in that very moment and have that fond memory resurface.


I am just a lover of life!! I have the cutest little family. An amazing husband, two crazy boys, and one incredibly sweet baby girl. I love being outdoors whether it's rock climbing, camping, hiking, running, I love it all. I had this crazy idea that I wanted to learn to tumble, so here I am, much too old, learning back handsprings. And I looove everything cookies!!! I received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Brigham Young University and I absolutely love studying human interaction. My love of psychology has only deepened my love for photography as I connect and serve others. I love nurturing people and helping them find their inner worth and beauty by creating beautiful images.


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I would love to work with you! You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram and email me at hello@rachellindseyphotography.com. I work mostly in Utah but am more than happy to travel and be adventurous.


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