Manwaring Family

It had been a long day for me, I can't remember the particularities anymore, I just remember feeling weary and downtrodden. All of that changed the moment I met this sweet family. Jodi came with a massive smile on her face and showered me with gratitude for coming to take photos of her family, checking out the location that she was thinking of earlier in the day to make sure it would work, and then being patient as they showed up late. Then she gave me a HUGE hug. And all the sudden, I felt amazing and was so excited to get to work.

I very quickly found a friend in Jodi as we shared some life experiences with each other and found similarities in our circumstances. She proved to be a source of strength and light for me in that moment. We had a fun filled night full of laughter and smiles. It was such a joy. Friends of this family are definitely lucky to know them!