Finlayson Family in Nevada

It was such a fun experience to go down to Nevada to spend time with the Finlaysons. Linda and Mike have such an amazing family. While we were there we rolled tires off the mesa and watched them bounce down the hill into the distance, the guys made a rocket and successfully launched it, and made bombs out of hydrogen gas. It was a blast! And between blowing things up, cooking, playing, and eating, we managed to get everyone together for some family photos.

The highlight of the session was definitely the little blonde haired boy below that's upside down. We could NOT get him to stop being such a clown to get a good straight photo! When we realized that he kept posing with gum sticking out of his mouth, dad dug it out of his mouth and put it in his own. But taking the gum away didn't do the trick... He was still such a goof ball and gave us all lots of good laughs!