In Memory of Susie Sunshine

A little over two months ago an angel left this world to continue her journey on the other side. She was only 2... Little Susie fell into a swimming pool and drowned. Through somewhat of a miracle, a photographer in California reached out to a massive nation wide group hoping and praying for someone in Utah who could photograph the funeral. I just happened to stumble across her inquiry and the wedding I had booked for the weekend just happened to be the day before. There are no accidents. It was an honor and a joy to document such an important day for the family. The opportunity stretched me as a person and as creative as I opened up my heart and mourned with them for their loss. Funerals are the way that I like to give back. They are incredibly beautiful and authentic. I walk away with a deeper love for others and a greater desire to serve and share my talent. Here's the slideshow I put together for the dear family.