Cervantes Family | Big Cottonwood Family Session

I spend hours every week sharing my life and photos on social media and I absolutely love it when I make connections with such beautiful people like Virginia. She’s been following me for a while now, always commenting on my photos on my business and personal account, and it was SO fun to finally meet her during her fall family mini session!!! It’s amazing how social media can connect complete strangers like that! And her family is just the cutest! But first, look at all her girls. I cannot believe how much they look like their mom! All so pretty. Good work Virginia!

I love our Utah mountains. Especially up Big Cottonwood canyon. It’s such a beautiful place with so many ever greens. I felt so bad though. Virginia really didn’t want snow, but Utah likes to play jokes on people like that. So of course it snowed! But I think we did a pretty good job of not making it a winter wonderland!