Love the Climb

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Can you believe that these were all taken by the same photographer?! I can hardly believe it myself. I remember how excited I was to take some photos of my friend's newborns and I took the responsibility so seriously!! I did my very best and I was so dang proud of myself for taking such CUTE photos!!! Now, four years later, I still feel and think the same thing. But I've learned a thing or two over the years...

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 An amazing quote came through my inbox today. It said:

 "Remember, there's something beautiful about the process. Lean into it. Learn to love it. Because people who stand on the mountaintops of life aren't usually the people who love the views.

 They love the climb.

 The views are just a bonus." - Amy + Jordan Demos

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 The last few years have been years of incredible growth. From leaving my home in Seattle and my husband behind to creating the life I now live. Even though the path was rocky and hard as hell, I couldn't stop climbing. I didn't WANT to!! I'm always pushing myself to work harder and be stronger in all aspects. And my friends, the climb is worth it. So don't give up. Keep going. Whatever it is that you are doing, just keep doing it. You can reach your goals! You can do great things!! And don't you ever forget that!