Baby Louis | In Home Newborn Session

Baby Louis | In Home Newborn Session

If you are having a baby soon, PLEASE reach out to me!!! I have a special going on right now for newborn photography at a serious discount! But mostly I just want to come and steal all the baby snuggles I can get in!! These little ones are so precious and so tiny…

Evelynn Rae's Newborn Session

Evelynn Rae's Newborn Session

With my baby girl on the way, I decided to try out some newborn photography. After all, I had everything I needed except a backdrop and a wrap and those would be cheaper to buy than paying someone else to do it for me. Ya'll. Newborn photography is NO JOKE....

In Home Newborn Session | Maylee

Newborn photography is HARD work! It's one thing to take photographs of predictable adults who are even tempered and a completely different thing to take photographs of a newborn. Nothing about them is predictable. They cry when they want and you can't reason with them, you can try to soothe them but it may not actually work... They sleep when they want and they're awake when they want. Little Maylee was no exception. She's an extremely well tempered newborn all things considered. Statistically, most newborns cry on average 8 hours a day. Not Maylee. She's super content and super chill so the struggle wasn't getting her to stop crying, it was to get her to stop moving! Oh how Maylee LOVES to squirm! She likes to be aware and involved and just gets so excited to be ALIVE! So we spent probably half of our time trying to get her to zonk out.

After a long time, we had success. But then the next trick is all those little fingers and little details. A hand can make or break a photograph but every time a finger got moved, she'd stir! It just takes a lot of patience and time working with newborns. Having a nice warm room is super helpful too.

Here's a little sneak peek of behind the scenes:

I was getting a little more shadow than I cared for so I had a one flash set up, flash pointing straight to the ceiling with no modifiers to just create a little more light. A lot of the times we also used a white reflector. Under Maylee is a boppy nursing pillow. You can do so many things with one of those! We didn't use it for every shot, but we used it for most. As far as camera settings and lens... I shoot exclusively with the Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 and the Canon 100mm f2.0 and there's a pretty even mixture of both lenses in the gallery. And camera settings. The biggest deal is aperture. You set that where you want it and adjust your ISO and shutter to accommodate. The first few close ups I shot at about a f2.5 but the rest were at f3.5 or f4.0. I wanted all her facial features to be in focus and that just wouldn't be possible at f 2.0.


Little Brayleigh is the sweetest little 2 month old baby. She has the most amazing mother who spends so much time just wanting to make sure she's happy and comfortable. When Brayleigh struggles and cries, Lara gently bounces her while whispering "shhhhh" in her ear and it calms the cries and comforts Brayleigh.

Lara was correct. Her little CJ is a ham. Such an adorable little boy!! He is polite and kind and cleans up his food from the table when he's done eating. And he's an amazing bit brother.