Revin's 4 Year Photos

Four years ago this little guy came into my life and my life hasn't been the same since. He is incredibly empathic and sensitive. His sense of adventure is through the roof! He has very little fear inhibitions and loves to talk to people, including strangers.... Time to start teaching him about stranger danger! He's an incredible older brother and is very protective. And the BEST part, every morning Revin crawls into my bed to snuggle me until I wake up :)


Little Brayleigh is the sweetest little 2 month old baby. She has the most amazing mother who spends so much time just wanting to make sure she's happy and comfortable. When Brayleigh struggles and cries, Lara gently bounces her while whispering "shhhhh" in her ear and it calms the cries and comforts Brayleigh.

Lara was correct. Her little CJ is a ham. Such an adorable little boy!! He is polite and kind and cleans up his food from the table when he's done eating. And he's an amazing bit brother.

The Hazenator Turns 2

I took my two cute boys out to Antelope Island for Hazen's 2 year photos. His Grandma Rache bought him the cutest little outfit and I was so excited to get out there and photograph him! When we got out of the car, Hazen saw the water and took off! We came from Seattle and they LOVE the beach. Unfortunately, Antelope Island is no beach... at least not a beach that you'd want to play on. He ran a ways off and then tripped and fell into the mud, which consequently smelled like poop. Yay Antelope Island. But it made for incredible photographs!