Laurie Kunzler

Utah Family Photographer

"Coming from a fellow photographer, Rachel is an amazing artist, easily one of the best photographers in Utah. But more than that, my experience with her showed me that she is also an amazing person, who will go above and beyond to serve, even total strangers, which makes her unique in the photography community. When my family suffered the loss of my two year old niece, we knew we would want to capture the story and the feelings of the day of the funeral, but I didn’t know any photographers in the area. After reaching out on a nationwide photography forum hoping someone would be from that area and willing to help us on such short notice, Rachel contacted me and volunteered her time, and her amazing talents to capture the feelings of the day. That was miracle enough, but then to find out that she is one of the most talented story-telling photographers I have ever met was even more of a blessing. Any professional who is willing to walk into an emotional situation like a child’s funeral, not knowing anyone, purely wanting to serve and use her talents for good, is worth their weight in gold. Rachel was so professional and so respectful. She moved seamlessly through the events and the mood of the day. She felt like family. The images she captured are so precious, so priceless to this little girl’s family. Rachel will forever be remembered as our angel that day, giving us memories of such a treasurable time. Thank you Rachel. We wish you all the best in your pursuits."